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Post-it Pages for the Win!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

We've all used post-it notes to help us track important details of daily life or maybe scribbled a meaningful scripture on a post-it note and stuck it on the fridge as a visual reminder of God's promises to us.

These little 3 x 3-inch pops of color are simple elements that can have a big impact in our daily routines and on our emotional adjustment as we navigate through life's obstacle course.

Back in the spring we had so much fun creating brightly colored Bible Quilt Journal pages using post-it notes that I created some templates to continue the momentum!

You can use these with or without sticky notes, or a combo of both.

Shading in the post-it squares with a colored pencil gives you the appearance of a post-it note.

Combine some of these vertical templates in your #biblequiltjournal for a colorful 2-page spread.

For those of you with students that have been able to return to school in-person, these vertical pages are easily adapted to your locker decor! Add a fun magnet and you're ready to head to class with a piece of God's Word tucked into your heart!

Wouldn't this be a fun project to get together with friends to create beautiful locker pages with your favorite scriptures?

You can even make color copies of your pages to share with friends as a boost of encouragement. (Personalize with their name and something specific you like about them.)

Laminate a copy of your #biblequiltjournal post-it page or simply slip it into a page protector so it will be durable for locker use.

Consider rotating through different BQJ pages as the seasons change to freshen up your space.

If your students are distance learning from home, you can use the same idea by pinning a BQJ page to a bulletin board or putting it on a magnetic dry erase board.

This is a fun way to display recently completed BQJ pages or to have them handy as a visual memorization tool.

Experiment with bold colors and patterned post-it notes. There are all kinds of decorative sticky notes available right now for back-to-school.

You can even print out your template page on colored card stock for added background flair!

We've got so many options for using post-it notes in #biblequilting. Can't wait to see how you incorporate them into your BQ journals!


Using Post-its in your Bible Quilting (includes a Zoom chat video link)

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Jan 06, 2021

Work-in-Progress sample post-it note page:


jennifer hovermale
jennifer hovermale
Sep 21, 2020

Love this idea!! I have SO MANY Post-it notes anyway!! You could also use any different patterned papers in your collection to make squares & use a darker color pen or marker to write your verse onto. But, either way, a great stash busting idea (however you use it!) Either way, I love this idea!!!

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