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How to use Gift Tags in your Bible Quilt Journal

Are you a gift giver?

Chances are you have a stash of gift tags to attach to presents for a variety of occasions.

Since these are often constructed with sturdy materials, you can cut and paste them onto the edges of your BQ journal to use them as tabs. You can leave the twine/ribbon attached to them for some bonus texture if you'd like.

Many of these tags have unique shapes that you can also use as stencils on your BQ pages.

I was Bible Quilting a page on Psalm 19 the other day. Once I had captured the first verse and the last one featuring one of our 31 Days of Redemption scriptures, I was stuck about what to do with the middle of the page to balance it out. I rummaged through my supplies to see if I could spark an idea... and came across a stack of gift tags.

I decided to try a layered look, using one gift tag overlapped at angles.

I outlined the 3rd tag to extend all the way to the verse along the top of the page.

For the bottom of the page I planned on writing the remaining scriptures loosely around the shapes already on the page, gradually filling in the space.

"They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb." Psalm 19:10

When I read through verse 10 again which referenced a honeycomb, I remembered I had some hexagonal stickers I could use as an embellishment to illustrate this concept. Since the stickers were also hues of gold, it was a win-win!

Hexagonal stickers (Paper Studios brand at Hobby Lobby)

I started building the honeycomb pattern along the bottom of the page, trimming individual stickers as needed to fit the space and maintain the pattern.

I finished off the page by creating a cross-hatch doodle using a gold metallic pen to fill in the background. I added some washi tape horizontally to connect the elements together, then stitched along its border with the gold pen for uniformity.

Psalm 19 in my Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

~ ~ ~ Gift tags are super handy!

You can use them as colorful, unique tabs.

Bright gift tag as page tab

You can trace tags and use them to outline titles.

If the tag doesn't have a glossy finish, you can even write a verse or title directly on the tag and glue it onto the page.

So don't fret when you get stuck, friend. Explore what you have on hand and see what inspires your creativity!

Have an idea or question about a BQ technique? Join our next Zoom chat on May 4th to join in the discussion with other Bible Quilters. All are welcome!


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