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Do you like to have extra space for your note-taking? Here's an 8.5 x 11 size of the BQ Notes Journal that you can download and print. 


Oriented vertically, this 55-page journal provides you with enough pre-formatted pages for you to do an entire year's notes in any weekly study or church service you attend. The back side of each page is blank to offer you plenty of flexibility to develop your own note-taking style. 


The fun designs and seasonal elements offer you a variety of ways to be creative while you journal. Simply fill in the pages with notes/verses written with colorful markers/pens to create a resource that's both cute and meaningful! Add other embellishments like stickers or washi tape for a little extra flair. Washi tape can be folded along page edges as added reinforcement.


You may want to print out the covers and tab sheet on heavier card stock for durability. Cut the tabs to use them as titles or as a way to divide your BQ Notes into sections.


For the interior pages, I like to print on 67-lb vellum bristol paper that has a lovely texture for a variety of mediums. My favorite pens, Papermate Flair (medium), do not bleed through.


You can slip the pages into clear page protectors and place in a 3-ring binder, or simply hole-punch them for a binder system. Another option is to take the printed pages to a local copy shop to have them coil bound.


Listing photos show the physical journal I'm using and even one of me Bible Quilting in church to give you examples of how I incorporate bulletins w/ scripture passages.


Listing photos show the physical BQ Notes Journal I'm using for my sermon notes this year, but gives you examples of how I incorporate bulletins with scripture passages.


The Bible Quilt® Notes journal is an original design and copyrighted material. This printable is intended for one-time personal use. Please contact shop owner to coordinate orders for groups. I appreciate your consideration in maintaining the integrity of this devotional resource.

Printable: BQ® Notes Journal, 8.5 x 11 size

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$16.00Sale Price
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