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Clothe yourself...for such a time as this

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

How do you gear up for your day? Does it start with deciding what to wear?

Is it a comfy stay-at-home day? Are you planning on an active day and pull on your workout clothes? Have an important meeting or presentation, so you've dressed to impress?

We probably all go through similar mental gymnastics and also experience mixed feelings about having to dress a certain way if we don't feel like it matches our current mood/energy level, right? We go through a lot of effort to clothe ourselves "appropriately" for the occasion, but do we prepare our hearts and minds with the same level of effort?

Recently I ran across several "clothe yourselves..." verses and decided to do a BQ page on this topic.

As I gathered up verses, it struck me how the Lord has provided us with a full wardrobe of character traits to put on each day and given us the potential through Christ to be sufficiently tailored to meet whatever challenges we may face.

"...clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus" Romans 13:14

As we've been reading the book of Esther in Community Bible Study class this month and discussing her personal traits, I realized Esther was a good example of this BQ page.

Queen Esther literally had to "clothe herself with Splendor" to impress the king, yet also present herself "with humility" to approach the throne at all, exhibiting a certain inner "strength" to do so unsummoned. Her "strength and dignity" were demonstrated through her strategic efforts to manage two banquets back-to-back for the king, laying the groundwork and savvy timing to then make a fervent request out of "compassion" for her people.

Esther was uniquely suited for the situation she faced and had earnestly prepared her heart and mind.

She was clothed...

"...for such a time as this." Esther 4:14

We may not have as much at stake as Esther, but we do all have struggles. Our challenge is how we're going to face them; how we're daily preparing for our own "such a time."


I love these scripture reminders that in Christ we do have the strength and compassion to weather life's storms. Sometimes it may feel like the only way we're inching forward is through this "power from On High."

Be encouraged, friend. Whatever you face today, the Lord has you covered!


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1 Comment

Veronika Vormann
Veronika Vormann
Jan 20, 2020

It is a very nice page, wow and the theme is not often seen or heard. I love it.

I never thought that I find so much creativity in North Amerika, it is overwhelming. I can find much more creativity and beautiful decorations in North Amerika than in Germany and I can`t believe it.

All the stickers for embellishments are in English, maybe we forgotten here in Germany how beautiful creativity is.

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