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Bible Quilting + Verse Mapping

Since I've had several people inquire about verse mapping and how it relates to Bible Quilting, I thought I'd weigh in to share my perspective.

BQJ verse mapping worksheet

Verse mapping is a way to study scripture by breaking it down into bite-sized pieces, exploring the origin of words and examining it in context.

Bible Quilting is about exploring how verses connect to one another along a similar topic or theme. Stitching verses together on a page helps us have a broader understanding of these themes throughout the Bible.

Bible Quilting is a technique of #scripturewriting that involves adding creative touches and embellishments, separating passages by "stitch" lines.

We can use our #biblequilting techniques to do verse mapping in a unique way as a supplement to our devotional studies.

BQJ verse mapping of Psalm 16:1, in progress

I recently designed a BQJ-style verse mapping worksheet to provide us all with a practice sheet. I'm planning to create some other versions, including a few with a horizontal layout.

In the large center circle write out the verse that is the focus of your study, then explore definitions of the key words using the smaller circles on the left side of the page.

BQJ verse mapping of Psalm 16:1, in progress

Add additional notes and insights as you consult resources such as your Bible's concordance or online sites such as Biblehub or blueletterBible. It may be helpful to compare different translations of the verse. You can go as deep as you'd like, praying for wisdom as you proceed.

I left space at the bottom of the page to #biblequilt some additional verses, so be as creative as you'd like with embellishments. Or you may prefer to use this as a scratch worksheet with messy notes that help you sort through the meaningful high points you'd like to incorporate onto a BQ page.

BQJ verse mapping of Psalm 16:1

You can file your BQ verse mapping sheets into a 3-ring binder, punch them to put in a happy planner BQ system, or adhere them directly to your BQ journals.

Haven't done verse mapping before? Start simple with a short Psalm as my sample shows. You'll be blessed however you do it!

It would be beneficial to the whole BQ community to see additional samples, so please share your verse mapping sheets in the comments below and/or the BQJ Facebook group. Let's chat more at our next Zoom:

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