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Bible Quilting the "I am" Statements

I've been reading the book of John and once again impacted by the "I am" statements that Jesus makes to describe Himself.

I selected the Sunburst template because it already has 7 areas blocked off by stitch lines. I started by using watercolor pencils to color in the sun.

Watercolor pencil on Sunburst template

I used a waterbrush to blend the shaded pencil.

I added some bold stickers to make the title.

"I am" statements on Bible Quilt Journal page

Then I started adding verses into the quilt squares, incorporating decorative stickers.

"I am" statements on Sunburst template
The "I am" statements on Sunburst template

What powerful statements these are! They can reassure us even in the darkest times, offering us hope and stability.

"I am the Light of the World." John 8:12

This "I am" phrase goes right along with our Light series this month and works great on the "World in His Hands" template.

(See, there are SO MANY ways you can create with these scriptures!)

- - - How are YOU being inspired this month? - - -

You're welcome to share a photo of your page(s) below or pop over to the BQJ Facebook group.

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