Attributes of God

Updated: Feb 4

When you do a Bible study, how do you summarize it in a way that's meaningful to you?

How do YOU "bundle" your takeaways?

For me, Bible Quilting helps slow me down and engage with key concepts I've learned from a series or in-depth study. This creative process helps me transform "head knowledge" into a visual summary that will furrow a little deeper into my memory bank.

Often I will choose a Bible Quilt Journal template with a pre-formatted design to give me a quick start.

I'll walk you through my process to give you an example:

I'm currently in a 4-week study exploring the *Attributes of God from the Psalms.

Since there are 20 Attributes focused on in this study, I chose the honeycomb template which had most of the framework I needed.

I extended the pattern to get 20 "quilting" squares, then used some mini post-it notes to plot out the verses.

I used some of the creative elements provided in the study materials for titles and key words.

I chose to highlight main phrases rather than write out full verses, knowing I can refer back to my Bible study notes at any time.

Each day as I finish my lesson, I add another verse to my quilt page. Naturally, I look over my previous entries, which reinforces those concepts and helps with memorization.

Sometimes I'll color in spaces on the page to get my creative juices flowing.

As a visual learner, creating a #biblequiltjournal page provides me with a quick overview of what I'm learning.

I love having this illustrated summary of my progress. It keeps me engaged in the learning process, motivating me to keep going so I can create my next BQJ summary page.

Update: Week 3

Sometimes it's fun to add other embellishments such as stamping.

I happened to have this acrylic stamp of a lightbulb, which I used for the attribute of Light.

Update: Week 4


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