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Updated: Oct 31, 2019

We're bombarded by all kinds of verses & prayer challenges in our social media feeds. Some days we may find encouragement and other days we might be overwhelmed. I try to select something that "fits" into my daily rhythm, something that will pull me in a little deeper and inspire me to linger a little longer in the Word.

Recently I printed off a set of 40-day Praying the Promises cards developed by Arabah Joy because I thought the content would be good for me during my current season. I started by looking up the scripture references & writing out the verses on the back of the cards.

I chose a couple of #biblequiltjournal templates to use so I could capture these strong words that are reminders of God's promises for each of us.

Each day as I add a verse, I reflect on the previous verses and maybe add a little doodling...

And, gradually, the page fills up...

How powerfully all of these scriptures woven together

can impact our spiritual journey!

I attached this completed first page into my Bible Quilt journal and glued on a tab. Then I started on the second page, using the Block-20 template.

Sometimes I used stickers or stamped when I wanted a variation from my own handwriting.

Then I added strips of washi tape and colored the background of the quilt squares, using a similar palette as on the 1st page.

As I worked my way through the verses that Arabah Joy selected, I felt a collaborative kinship with her. Although we haven't met in person, we're now connected through these scriptures.

"Praying the Promises" by 2-page spread in Bible Quilt Journal
"Praying the Promises" ( 2-page spread in Bible Quilt Journal

We can share the Word with one another in a lot of different ways. This one is dear to my heart. I've been deeply blessed to engage with other women through Bible Quilting & I hope it blesses you, too!

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Update: Now several months later, I'm excited to share that I've been able to collaborate with Arabah Joy by contributing to an online conference launched by SOJO Academy. This is available to EVERYONE and has an amazing amount of resources. Register at link below:

Explore the Word Conference

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