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Storms of Life

With a war going on and a global pandemic lingering, we are reminded daily that we all face storms of life. When we begin to feel overwhelmed, it's helpful to shore ourselves up with some scriptures to buoy our spirits.

This Jesus in the Storm template designed by my neighbor friend, Mary Jo may give you a way to capture some verses to cling to during the raging storms of life.

Jesus in the Storm template for Bible Quilt Journal

I printed out the template on 8.5 x 11 lightweight card stock, then trimmed it to fit my Monthly BQ journal. I used a glue stick to adhere it to the page and added a strip of washi at the top of the page to help reinforce it.

Jesus in the Storm template added to the Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

I colored the boat and found a thin metallic washi to use for the mast.

Next I began coloring in the waves using shades of blue. As I swirled colors together, I thought about some of the strong emotions that often surge up and threaten to overcome us. I wrote some of those in the tips of the waves.

Fear ~~~ Worry ~~~ Guilt ~~~ Loss ~~~ Grief

Adding washi border to Bible Quilt Journal page

I added more washi tape around the edges, creating a border around the perimeter of the page.

Cloud cutout added to Bible Quilt Journal page

As I considered how I was going to depict a storm cloud, I decided to cut it out from a grey piece of card stock. I wrote the beginning of the verse on the front of the cloud using a white gel pen.

I borrowed an element from scrapbooking called a *peekaboo pocket to make a flap to open and close. You can get these *flip pockets in a variety of sizes to create an interactive element on your BQ pages. *affiliate links

I slid the grey cloud into the peekaboo pocket and attached it to the page with the adhesive strip included on the pocket. I wrote the next verses underneath the cloud.

Peekaboo pockets on Bible Quilt Journal page

If you don't have peekaboo pockets, you can use washi tape on one edge of the card stock to make a flap that opens and closes. This is what I did on the boat's sails.

When both flaps are closed, the story is shortened to emphasize how Jesus calmed the storm.

Jesus Calms the Storm page in Bible Quilt Journal

I added a verse from Isaiah in the waves as a reminder that God is with us no matter the depths of our trials.

I drew in some gusts of wind and attached a tab entitled "Jesus Calms the Storm" to finish off the page.

tip: We discussed this page at our BQ Chat... check in at the 23-minute mark.

I hope this gives you some ideas about adding interactive elements on your BQ pages! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this template. Please share your pages in the Comments below so the BQ community gets additional inspiration!

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