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Refreshing our perspective

As we've had more sunny days (yay!), I'm taking more outdoor walks in the neighborhood rather than getting on the "dreadmill" to work out alongside my husband during our quarantine days. I'm enjoying the boldness of the daylilies and the irises throughout the neighborhood. With warmer days and sweatier walks, I'm also trying to drink more water.

Sometimes I just need something to lure me back to drink water rather than something else with more flavor. I've discovered that adding a few mint leaves to my water freshens it up just enough to keep it interesting. (simple pleasures, right?)

A few years ago I began growing mint in my container garden so I had it readily available. I liked the minty flavor, but not the floating leaf tickling my lip when I took a sip. I tried a straw...but didn't like the surprise of getting a soggy mint leaf sucked into my straw, especially mid-swallow.

Soo...I started freezing fresh mint leaves into ice cubes and that did the trick to contain the leaves.

I fill up the tray halfway with water, then add my mint leaves and put into the freezer.

After the first layer is frozen, I add more water so that the mint leaves are trapped inside the ice cube. Since this is an over-sized ice cube tray, the mint ice cubes stay frozen longer and gradually the flavor diffuses throughout the water.

It's funny how this simple process occurred over a rather long time period, but now provides me with a refreshing break in my day. It doesn't take much time and has become a fairly regular habit during the warmer months. Sometimes a seasonal shift broadens our perspective to see little things in new ways.

I was thinking how this little change helped me maintain a healthy habit, which is much the same way daily Bible Quilting perked up my devotional time. The creative outlet refreshes me as I spend time in the Word, pulling me back to it over and over again as I get ideas for pages and topics.

The simple act of adding one little verse a day on my monthly BQJ page gets me started in the right direction each day like it was "mint" to be. 😉

"What is one tiny thing that refreshes you?"

"What is one small thing that keeps you coming back for more time in the Word?"

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Jeanette Zongker
Jeanette Zongker
May 12, 2020

I personally love it when I hear a new praise & worship song & realize they've used Bible verses/passages of Scripture in the lyrics. It makes me go, "Hmmm, that's familiar..." & gives me the desire to go find where I've "heard"/read it before, in the Word. :)

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