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The 2023 Bible Quilt® Calendar is here!

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

We had so much fun decorating the 2022 BQ calendar that I'm launching another for 2023!

Over the years several of our Bible Quilting friends have contributed their designs to share as BQJ templates. I selected a few of those for you to enjoy as part of the calendar, too.

April in 2023 BQ Calendar

Each month has an original BQ design that provides you with a formatted template on which you can add scriptures or motivational quotes.

Embellish with washi tape or stickers to add a season flair to each calendar page.

February in 2023 BQ Calendar

Add your family birthdays, anniversaries and milestones events to personalize it even further.

If you're doing a daily Bible reading challenge personally or as a family, this would be a great way to track your progress throughout the year. Write in each daily reading, then color in the square as you complete it.

October in 2023 BQ Calendar

The 2023 Bible Quilt Calendar is now available in the online shop!

Triple pack option: By batching 3 calendars together, I'm able to discount the price and minimize the shipping cost. This is a great deal if you'd like to purchase one for yourself and gift two to friends or family!

You can also save with some of the bundles which include the calendar. Browse the shop for options which fit your needs the best!

These calendars make great gifts to stock up on early, especially if you want to personalize them for your recipients in advance. I hope they're a mutual blessing for you and those you share them with!

July in 2023 BQ Calendar

Pick up some BQ goodies for holiday gifting:

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