Praying over our Homes

Updated: Sep 5

In the seasonal shifts as we change our home decor, it's a great time to pray over our homes.

HOME pillow

My sis-in-law and I have even done "prayer walks" through our houses, praying over each room and its purpose. This practice has been especially meaningful as we've prayed over our boys' bedrooms, layering protective petitions over their hearts and minds as we stood in the midst of the daily chaos left behind after they had trudged off to school.

Consider doing a #biblequiltjournal page to collect scriptures to pray over your home and family. An easy way to get started is by using the Home template my sis-in-law designed a few years ago.

Home template for Bible Quilt journal

You can choose attributes you'd like to cultivate in your family.

Home page in my Bible Quilt journal

Or you can select scriptures for those who will be gathering in your home throughout the years.