Sharing Bible Quilting with your Community

Updated: Jul 17

Bible Quilting friends at The Turquoise Table

It's been a treat to get to know lovely women in my community who share a passion for the Word and are nurturing mentors in their spheres of influence. Bible Quilting has opened the door to many beautiful collaborations which I wouldn't have otherwise, serving as a mutual blessing to all those involved.

I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Becky, a mother of two darling daughters and a precocious son who have all done their own version of BQ journaling for several years. Becky has waited patiently for more than a year to share Bible Quilting with her women's group at church. I loved her summary of how Bible Quilting has impacted her personally and aided her in guiding her children's spiritual journey, so I'm passing her story directly along to you:

"So, what is Bible Quilt Journaling?"

Guest post by Becky W - Tulsa, OK

Sample Bible Quilt Journals - heart pages

"I was first introduced to Bible Quilt Journaling during Community Bible Study when the guest speaker was Dianna Mills. I loved her heart and the ministry she had created. I immediately gathered a few friends in Bible study with me and went to a session Dianna was hosting. She taught us the basics, spoke to us about how this ministry started and supplied us with all we needed.

Bible Quilt Journaling has been a fun and creative way to organize Bible verses that has helped me learn God's Word better. It has been something I’ve shared with my friends, mom, mother-in-law, and daughters. Dianna has created products that give an outline and I just fill in the verses I want and decorate each page to my liking.