Reflecting the Fruit of the Spirit

A couple weeks ago, I set up some Fruit of the Spirit props for a #biblequilting session.

Later as I was straightening and putting supplies away, I reflected on how we're able to demonstrate the Fruit of the Spirit with one another when we come together.

And, hopefully, we're strengthening our resolve to extend these same characteristics as we go out among our regular activities.

Love is spoken in many ways as we gather around the Bible Quilt table. Friends share hugs...and sometimes support through tearful stories being told. Prayer requests are lifted up and tucked into earnest hearts.

As verses are sought for particular pages, the Love of God is shared with one another as we read His love letter to us, marveling at how applicable it still is for today's troubles.

JOY erupts through giggles as funny stories are shared and washi tape is swapped.

The heaviness of prayer requests is often balanced by someone using humor to lighten the mood.

"The Joy of the Lord is our strength." Nehemiah 8:10

About halfway through a session, an atmosphere of peace settles on the group. Any nervous restlessness during the introductions has faded and chattiness subsides as everybody gets more intent on their pages. Our spirits tend to settle while we're actively in the Word.

"The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding..." Psalm 119:130

Mothers help their daughters smooth out pesky duck tape and help problem-solve handwriting mistakes. Patience is an underlying current of encouragement throughout #biblequilting sessions.

Over and over again, I've observed the kindness of women welcoming newcomers, inviting them in to conversation, helping them settle in, making them feel comfortable in a new environment, and offering to share their own personal process of their BQ journey.

As women and girls gather together in the Word, God's goodness is demonstrated in ways big and small. His goodness is mirrored in the demeanor and posture of these sweet friends being vulnerable and open with each other. Their humility and earnestness to seek comfort and strength in the Scriptures is a precious validation of time well spent.

I'm amazed by the Faithfulness of these godly women, sharing memorized scripture naturally in snippets of conversation and easily referring to their faith as they reveal personal challenges or family struggles.