This is a list of daily scripture references on the topic of RESURRECTION. It is was created by a Bible Quilter in Germany. She'll be sharing her completed #biblequiltjournal pages with us, too!


This is an easy guide to help you complete a 30-day template set or to create a flip card set on RESURRECTION that you can use for a quick reference.


Enter coupon code FREELIST to get this #30daysofresurrection reference list as a free download.


You can use it in conjunction with the Month-by-Month Bible Quilt journal or simply use it for a 2-page spread on a 30-day template set that you can attach to your Bible Quilt journal.


The list is printed twice on one letter-size sheet (8 1/2 x 11) so you can print it easily. Cut it half & share with a friend...or fold in half to laminate it as a bookmark/reference!

30 Days of Resurrection - reference list