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How to Make your own Mini Storage System

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

repurposing an Altoids tin for mini storage

Chances are if you do any type of paper crafting, you end up with small bits of pretty paper, colorful stickers, and card stock that pile up around your workspace. You think they will be useful for another project, but not quite sure what to do with them in the meantime.

I've got a "curiously strong" suggestion for you!

Altoids mints are packaged in these cute little rectangular tins. I purchased a couple flavors of these mints a while back and decided to try out the empty containers for some clever storage.

altoids tin "the curiously strong mints"

The first tin I repurposed I used for hand-punched tabs and random pieces of card stock that I could cut into tabs. It worked like a charm.... like it was "mint" to be!

I made another one to corral extra topic words for my Monthly Bible Quilt Journal. So, I thought I'd share a brief videoclip for how I converted mine into a handy mini storage system:

These little tins are small yet durable, so you can easily pop them into your Bible Quilt tote bag to use on-the-go.

mini storage tins for small paper scraps & stickers

You could dedicate one especially for travel and have a variety of these tabs & embellishments in there!

Or, if you have a small stamp set like the one in this photo, you could easily scoop those up and place in one of these tins.

What other ideas do you have for mini storage??


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Great idea! It was mint to be! Love to see things getting repurposed, especially for organization! Thanks for sharing!

Linda Conrad

Oct 12, 2021
Replying to

Yessss, exactly!!😉

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