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Good-ole Ham & Beans

When Spring takes a backseat to yet another round of Winter, we often gravitate right back to soup season.

This Ham & Beans recipe was sent to me several years ago and was an instant hit with my crew. It had a savory sweetness with a little cayenne kick that was just enough of an interesting twist to keep it as a go-to meal during the weary winter months.

If you've got ham left over from Easter, you might give this one a try!

I use a mix of Great Northern and Pinto Beans instead of just northern beans.

Rather than cooking on the stovetop, I put the beans and ham bone in a crockpot at high heat for the first few hours, then turn it down to simmer the rest of the day.

An hour before serving I take out the ham bone and add more ham to give it a punch of heartier flavor. (Ham that has cooked all day tends to lose some of its robustness.) At this point I also do a taste test of the broth, adding a few more seasonings as needed.

If the beans aren't fully tender, I'll crank it back up to High. I've learned that crockpots vary quite a bit in their temperature ratings, so adapt according to the "personality of yours!

A family favorite that we usually have alongside this hearty meal is a variation of cornbread using a simple Jiffy mix.

Cornbread Souffle

Occasionally, we have leftover soufflé and my boys like it for breakfast, too!

Both of these recipes are pretty forgiving and go a long way for a family with hearty appetites.

Cozy, comfort food...just what we need to tide ourselves over til Spring is here to stay!!


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