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Full Hearts in February

Updated: Feb 17

February is almost here and the hearts are already flying!

There are a lot of directions to go for #scripturewriting in February - - - agape love, romantic love, God's love for us, how to nurture our hearts, etc.

You can't go wrong with John 3:16

What's stirring in YOUR HEART this month?

Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

I've added my daily Bible reading plan onto the Feb calendar page in my Monthly BQJ and jotted down some of my church activities for the month. Adding these things in grounds me, providing me with a tentative game plan for the weeks ahead.

We've got the Quilted Heart by Alice as our featured template this month. I colored in some of the elements and put on a tab to have it primed a bit.

I've decided to quilt the Beatitudes of Marriage series that our local BQ friend, Mary Jo, developed for us to use.

I printed the set out on pastel blue card stock to provide a background for my bee stickers, a fun little twist on the BEE-atitudes of Marriage. 🐝

Beatitudes of Marriage flip cards

I'll carry this color theme onward to the 2-page spread to provide a uniformed look.

Beatitutdes of Marriage, day 1

Update of my pages...

If you choose to do this theme, you may be interested in the marriage template for one of your blank pages.

BQ Events

I'd love to hear what YOUR ideas are for #biblequilting throughout February. You're invited to join us on our next Zoom chat or pop in to the in-person session if you're in the area. RSVP at links below:

A few heart-related templates to try...

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