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With the start of a New Year, it's a natural time to take stock - - - to review where we've been, where we're at, and where we'd like to go.

Some of us do this "review" intentionally and make resolutions to start some healthy habits...or to put aside some unhealthy ones.

Some of us just flip that calendar page and dive in, ready to embrace whatever comes.

- - In which direction are YOU heading this year? - -

This season might be a blur for you...maybe you've experienced a loss or had a major life transition. You may have several little ones at home, battling winter colds and stomach bugs. You might just be in "survival mode" and trudging forward one step at a time.

Whatever path you're on, it's yours and yours alone. It might look dramatically different than a friend's path - - - or feel a whole lot more twisty than the one you thought you'd be on at this point in your life.

Sometimes we can't see very far ahead to know what lies ahead for our journey.

That can be unsettling because we have to surrender each day to Him rather than have control over what's around the next bend.

- - - God is with you. He knows your path and HIS plans for you. - - -

We just have to keep showing up, day after day.

As we step into His Word, writing his Scripture over and over, we open up our hearts to whatever He's holding there for us.

Through bits and pieces, offering up our ragged prayers again and again, our paths gradually unfold.


In the midst of all the hype about having 20/20 vision for this year, maybe you've chosen a Word-for-the-Year to guide you?

Not aiming for perfect clarity here, but I'm certainly open to some new perspectives and insight!

You might have a lot of renewed energy for a new venture - or maybe it feels kinda murky to you. That's okay, too.

Praying that each of us finds purpose and hope in whatever direction we're headed!

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