Jun 18

Have an idea for a template?


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I'd love to collaborate with you if you've got an idea for a Bible Quilt template that you think others would also like to try!


A collaborative journey


My friend, Tami, and I both share an interest in claiming a #wordfortheyear and have had some great side conversations about how our words develop over the year. Last year I had some surprising twists with my word, but the Lord was gracious in showing me His plan all along. He's pretty awesome like that!

Word for the Year template

I knew Tami's word was "path" this year and intended to sketch out a Path template for her back at the beginning of the year. Well....that didn't happen! Every once in a while, I would think about doing a Path template, but just never got around to it. 🙂


- - - Sound familiar? - - -


Last week I contacted Tami and asked if she had drawn out a path when she did her page, and, of course, she had created a beautiful path! It had a similar flow to a brief sketch that I had done earlier, but she had added a river rock element to it that really resonated with me.


Tami's pathTami's path
Tami's path


I experimented around with size, curves, shading, rock shapes, and spacing for verses.


It's always fun to have a built-in area for a strip of washi tape, so I played around a little with that, too.


My sons passed through at different times, sharing their input and impressions.


Gradually, the template took shape and I tidied it up to look a little more finished.


Then I printed one out to let "settle" overnight. ( I like my ideas to marinate while I'm active with other things, then I can listen to the Lord's nudges more clearly.)


The next morning I prayed and reviewed all the revisions, then scanned the final to send to my printer.


I was able to pick up my order the next day and play around with adding my own verses.



Since we all have stumbling blocks and challenges to overcome, I penciled in a variety of these on the path and tucked verses along the path to symbolize how the Lord is with us on our journey.


I goofed on my lettering, so scrambled to find a sticker to cover it up...hence the reminder for us to focus on the Word!


Don't be afraid to make mistakes in this process; it might be a way to open up your creativity or practice showing yourself the same grace you'd extend to someone else.


Path table scapePath table scape


I'm excited to share this journey with you all. I've got the pathway cleared for a Bible Quilt session tomorrow at my house, but also just loaded this #pathtemplate into the shop so it's available to you wherever you are!




** If you've got some creative juices flowing, please send me a message and we'll put our heads together to see how God connects our path!


If you've completed a PATH page or have some verse ideas, please share in comments section below:

Jun 23

Such fun to introduce this sweet girl to Bible Quilting & see her take off on her own Path! 😊

New Posts
  • I decided to experiment with my computer software in both Word and Pages on Mac. Below is is a Fruit of the Spirt template that was created using the shapes off the Pages program.
  • I added this 2-page template set to the shop this week and I'm using a #30daysofgratitude series I've been following to fill in my pages. ( Gratitude Documented 2019 ) There are SO many 30-day or 31-day series on social media that you can use these to harvest verses on a particular theme quickly. (Be sure and check references, though, because sometimes there are typos or misquotes. ) I thought I'd share how I'm using the flip card set to gather up my verses. This allows me to type/write out full verses to gauge the length of the verses to determine the main word/phrase I'll add to my #biblequiltjournal page. It also gives me a handy set to carry with me in my purse/car so the daily verse is reinforced as I move throughout my day. You could also pass along a completed flip card set to a daughter/mother or friend to give them a quick start on a page, or just to bless them. The squares on the templates are intentionally not numbered, so you can have variety as you do different themes. It also gives you a chance to number in whatever sequence works for you. You can handwrite, stamp or use stickers to number each square. I finished my verses on my flip card set, then glued my template pages into my Bible Quilt journal. I did a washi border around the edges on both pages so the 2-page spread looks more continuous. Then I started adding verses... We're halfway through #gratitudedocumented2019! How is your month going?? What theme will you use for your #30daysof_____ templates?? Please share your ideas/pages in comments below!
  • The block template has 12 open spaces for verses and is a great starter page for any topic. There's a treasure trove of verses on strength, so I kept going for a second page... Since the #blocktemplate is one of the printed designs in the Bible Quilt journal, you can add a printable block template to the facing page to create a 2-page spread for topics that have a lot of verses (i.e. faith, hope, love, joy). The block template is available in the shop. It's a straightforward one to do if you've got someone you'd like to share your #biblequilting journey with! Please share your pages you've done on the block template in the comments section below: #blocktemplate #strength