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Pumpkin Power

Bible Quilting on pumpkins

Are you a pumpkin carver or decorator?

We recently had our family pumpkin carving night and some of us opted for painting ours.

- - - Did you know there are now pumpkin markers? - - -

Whaaaat??? These metallic paint pens are much smoother than sharpies and have a nice shimmer to them.

And, yes, you can Bible Quilt ON pumpkins, too!

Bible Quilting on pumpkins

What else do you do with pumpkins during this season?

Sometimes an electic assortment of pumpkins/gourds can accompany a beautiful mum to offer encouragement to a neighbor or friend going through a challenging time.

pumpkins and mums as condolence gift

Pumpkins add colorful cheer to moments of remembrance and mourning.

pumpkins and Bible Quilt encouragement

Personalizing mini pumpkins for friends adds a fun flair to a fall activity.

pumpkins for HOCO centerpiece

Creating a pumpkin centerpiece for a special event makes a lovely keepsake! (Thanks to my artistic neighbor who does these so beautifully!)

Decorative pumpkins as centerpiece

One of my favorite traditions is making a Gratitude Pumpkin with my family.

Whether you gather pumpkins inside or outside, they offer a lovely intersection between decor and fun!

pumpkin stack by front door

I hope you have a BOO-ti-ful season of fall in all its glory!

carved pumpkins - ghost and Boo

If you've got some time to gather and craft together, check out the cute pumpkin templates to enjoy this as a creative outlet, too!

Bible Quilt pages with pumpkins
BQ page with glamorous pumpkins (by Alice)

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