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Bible Quilting at the Turquoise Table

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

We had a lovely gathering at #theturquoisetable this morning! Sun-dappled patterns danced across our #biblequiltjournal pages and a gentle breeze graced us just enough to keep us refreshed, but not chasing after our paper embellishments.

My boys helped me bring all of the goodies out to set up our crafting tables and refreshment cart, then skedaddled as women began arriving. 😉

One neighbor walked over from her cul-de-sac and met two sisters-in-law who are also some of our mutual neighbors.

A few friends arrived together, helping each other juggle their totes of craft supplies and coffee mugs. One lady navigated "off-road" on a knee scooter to get to her place at the table. Each one settled into her spot, nestling her supplies into place.

Introductions were made and a sweet prayer was offered up. Conversations began flowing as Bibles and journals were opened up. These women figured out who was connected to who and what church each one attended in no time flat!

As they exchanged stories about summer activities and family goings-on, exclamations of encouragement for each other's pages were interjected. Sometimes we'd pause to mutually savor the wonders of washi tape and swap hints about where to find certain patterns.

I'm always amazed at the progress made amidst the flurry of conversation!

The camaraderie around the table generates even more ideas re: topics and techniques to try out.

I like to sneak a peek over shoulders to see each woman diving into the Word and creating something on her page that is a unique reflection of her. I've learned to redirect comments like "I'm not that creative" with a gentle reminder that God created all of us uniquely and with our own flavor of creativity.

Sweet friendships in the Lord

It was a lovely morning of fellowship, gathered around a couple of tables in my front yard and huddled in the Word together.

Each time we Bible Quilt in community, my heart is filled with gratitude for the intricate ways God connects us.

Til next time, friends!

Blessings, Di

If you order a Bible Quilt Journal starter kit, add a note that you're part of #theturquoisetable community & I'll add some #turquoiselove to your package!!

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