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Spring has Sprung!

Signs of spring taking hold are everywhere around here.

The birds are singing a chorus of happiness each morning as a welcoming cheer to the day.

Frogs are appearing from mysterious places to sneak a quick lap in the pool.

Perennials in the garden are making a comeback... or not, and I'm re-evaluating my planting strategies.

I no longer have to "wait for it to warm up" to go on a walk. I'm grateful for this season of "pleasant" weather in which I also don't feel the pressure to "beat the heat" to get outdoor activities done early in the morning or late evening.

It's a lovely time of the year to enjoy meals out on the patio, basking in the new growth all around us. A momma bird swoops in regularly to feed her hungry babies she has tucked into a nest right above a busy back door. Their cheeps are getting steadily stronger each day.

Baby squirrels play endless games of chase around an old tree trunk before disappearing into a hole inside it, stacking themselves up so their little faces can all peer out.

All these signs of spring may inspire us to create some Bible Quilt pages about the wonders of God's creation.

New Creation

Whether you try a freestyle page or use a template like the butterfly, enjoy harvesting scripture about finding new life in Christ and God's glory around us during this season of blossoming growth.

Savor the flowers on your neighborhood walks, then capture some of that colorful beauty on your BQ pages!

Alice designed this Grandmother's Flower Garden template for us a couple years ago and it's a fun one to use decorative scrapbook paper as bold background colors.

Happy Spring to you, my friends!

May you be blessed with renewal during this season... and maybe even have some moments to enjoy some Bible Quilting outside!

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