Moving forward

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Easter weekend had a whole different feel this year, didn't it?

We enjoyed a nice family hike on Saturday, taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Getting out in the woods for a while gave us a taste of normalcy. Meandering about in nature was just what we needed after being homebound together for weeks.

We missed getting together with the whole family, but at least managed a quick drop-in to say "hello from afar" to the grandparents and attempted an awkward family selfie, debuting an array of colorful face masks.

With phone calls and texts scattered throughout the weekend, we tugged family ties a little tighter however we could while also acknowledging it was okay to loosen our hold on expectations or preconceptions on how things were going to be.

We're all just trying to extend grace to one another in this messy new world we're all trying to navigate, right?

Our church community connected in a special way by decorating a cross together in a come-and-go event.