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Mornings in May

School is almost out and the hum of summer is near. I'm trying to savor these pleasant May mornings as much as I can. During my Bible Quilting this morning, I focused on some scriptures from Matthew.

Bible Quilt page "T" is for... #abcsofthebible
Bible Quilt page "T" is for... #abcsofthebible

"T" is for... Today

"Give us today our daily bread..." Matthew 6:11

I need this simple reminder just to focus on the needs of Today and not let my mind wander too far ahead on the pull of tomorrow.

After launching my boys to their various school activities, I took a long walk along the river trail and listened to a podcast that dropped some kernels of truth into my head that I needed to hear. I thanked the Lord for his little sideways messages to me, stopped my fitness tracker, and headed home. (side note: since I didn't get my fitness tracker fully turned off, I added 5 miles at a remarkable "walking" speed to my workout! #technicallyimpaired )

Returning home, I watered my plants and marveled that I'm already having to deadhead some of them. As I moved into the garden, my eyes soaked in the colorful array of purple blossoms the climatis vine has burst forth this year - - - almost as if it's boasting it's made it's finally made its way over the archway!

I bent down to pluck off some ripe strawberries and discovered two of our turtles in the strawberry patch! They had wandered over from their enclosure and were busily feasting on my plants. I scooped them up along with their strawberry plunder and put them back in the turtle habitat, closing the gate that had been left ajar.

As I returned to the house to clean up the kitchen from the morning's foraging, our pair of ducks swooped in for a splash landing. I smiled at the insertions of nature the Lord had provided for me as part of my "daily bread."

Lush strawberries, sneaky turtles, boastful flowers, and playful ducks were all reminders of God's detailing in my Today, giving me courage to tackle the next challenge: a problematic dishwasher that's beginning to smell a bit funky!


"do not worry about tomorrow." Matthew 6:34


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