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Updated: Jan 19

Word for the Year in 2024 Bible Quilt calendar

As part of my New Year's intention to CONNECT more authentically and more deeply in various aspects of my life, I'm starting with my relationship with God.

I began thumbing through an old devotional I had on hand called, God's Promises for Women. I sought out verses that resonated with me about the reciprocity of our connection with God - how we can approach Him; how accessible He is to us, etc.

As I curated verses and began adding them to my 31-day spread in the 2024 Monthly Bible Quilt journal, I gradually came up with a title that pulled all of these verses into a topic that resonated with me.

- - - LEANING IN to God - - -

When we're trying to really listen to someone talking to us, we LEAN IN toward them. This is what I'm trying to be intentional about this month, leaning in to God throughout each day to follow His direction more closely.

What might this look like for YOU?

31 Days of Leaning in to God in 2024 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

Accountability is a powerful motivator and a wonderful source of encouragement. Invite someone to join you in your BQ quest this year and enjoy the camaraderie as you lean into the Word together!

If you haven't chosen your topic for January, you're welcome to join me in this one! You can also utilize these curated scriptures in another 31-day month sometime later this year.


This is how my page developed on the featured template, Women in the Word. I focused on verses on the interaction back and forth with God.

Here are few examples of this featured template by some members of our BQ community:

You're invited to watch this replay of our recent BQ Chat to hear what others are thinking about for their 2024 devotional goals. It may help spur some ideas for you!

I'd love to hear what YOUR focus is this month! Please share in the comments below or over in the BQJ Facebook group. You're also welcome to share your completed pages in both places.

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