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How to start a Bible Quilt journal

Updated: May 13, 2020

Bible Quilt journal

Yay! You're about to begin a wonderful journey and you've got some lovely company along the way.

Whether you've received your #biblequiltjournal from a sweet friend or you've tentatively stepped out on your own to see what this is all about, welcome! You're invited to explore the Bible with us in a new way. This journal is personal. It's about you and your relationship with the Living Word of God.

I encourage you to browse through your Bible Quilt to see the layout. If you're drawn to content, then read the story of how it began. If you're itching to get started, then flip through the template pages to see what's in store for you!

- Quick start with a template -

A simple way to begin is to locate the bookmark page at the back of the book and cut out the first column on the left to use as a scripture reference for verses on love.

Next, turn to the page of tabs for the Fruit of the Spirit. Cut out the "Love" tab from the bottom left-hand corner.

Now flip back toward the front of your journal to find the heart template. Using the Love bookmark, look up these scriptures and begin writing them in the "quilt squares" wherever you would like or think is the best fit for the length of the verse.

You can use different colors to highlight key words or phrases, such as writing LOVE in the same color throughout the scriptures you're using for this page. (My favorite markers are Papermate Flairs, but you can experiment to see what you prefer.)

You can add washi tape for a splash of color or use stickers to embellish your page. Use colored pencils to shade the background of the quilt squares if you like this effect.

Color the LOVE tab and attach it to the page by simply running a glue stick on the underneath side and pressing it on to the edge of the page, leaving the word peeking out when the journal is closed. I like to add a little strip of washi tape over the tab to help reinforce it, but this is optional.

Fruit of the Spirit tabs in my #biblequiltjournal
Fruit of the Spirit tabs in my #biblequiltjournal

The borders of the Love template were intentionally left blank so you may color them or use washi tape to frame your page. Some of us like to add washi on the bottom edge of each page to protect the edges for long-term use, especially if you're planning on standing upright as a display. (A plate stand also works great as a way to prop up your journal in between craft sessions.)

Hopefully once you've completed this first page you'll have a good idea re: the process of Bible Quilting. An easy way to keep going is to continue with the Fruits of the Spirit, using the tabs provided in your Bible Quilt journal.

You do not have to complete a full page before starting a new one. I have multiple pages going at a time. As I encounter verses in my Quiet Time that I'd like to incorporate into my Bible Quilt, I add them one at a time to the topic page that resonates most with me.

You're invited to pop into our Facebook community to get more ideas or browse in our Community Chat to ask questions.

Welcome aboard, friend! I love that you're joining us!

LOVE page in my Bible Quilt journal
LOVE page in my Bible Quilt journal
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