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Getting Creative with Shamrocks, too

As we focus on our theme, Growing in God, this month and green is springing up all around us, it's time to play with shamrocks, too!

shamrock template for Bible Quilt journal

My friend, Lara, and I collaborated on another shamrock pattern to provide you with a unique seasonal design for this month. You can get it as a free printable this month with coupon code LUCKY2.

I printed my template out on light green card stock and used several green washi tapes to make a border. Then I added a few shamrock stickers at the corners to help blend the various patterns coming together.

shamrock template for Bible Quilt journal, printed on green

I colored in each of the shamrocks. Inspired by the 9 petals of the shamrocks, I thought of the 9 Fruits of the Spirit...attributes I'm still growing in daily. I searched through my stickers to find some of these as titles and printed out the rest on white paper to contrast against the green.

shamrock template for Bible Quilt journal, in progress

I added other scriptures and stickers reflecting ways in which I want to continue growing.

Grow in God page in Bible Quilt Journal on shamrock template

I finished it off with a bold title in keeping with our monthly theme: Grow in God.

Can't wait to see what you creative ladies do with this one!

Join us on Tuesday to share your ideas and pages:

Oh, and here's the link to the original Shamrock template. Use coupon code LUCKY to get it free this month!


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