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Sep 06, 2021
In Introduce yourself...
Hi to all of our new BQJ friends! I live in the extreme Northwest corner of Georgia, right across the state lines of Tennessee and Alabama. I found this great group of ladies well over a year ago and I still love it more that anything that I do. I love sitting down and looking up new scriptures. I also love my monthly calendars. I have almost every template Diana and friends have made. I'm still attempting to get a monthly group started at my new church, but it will only happen if covid dies back down some. Our area has been hit extremely harder than most in the south. I'm on vacation at the beach this week and I have brought my BQJ stuff with me. I am presently trying to use the Alphabet templates in making my close friends the name and scripture that goes with the meaning of their names. So far I have mailed out about 5 but our mail is slow, even just in our small rural area. So while here on vaca, I plan to try and get caught up. I look forward to see pictures of your ideas!


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