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This Post-it template page was inspired by our tendency to use sticky notes to help us remember important details of daily life. How many of us have written scriptures on sticky notes to inspire us as we go about our day-to-day activities? This is a great way to collect your favorites and add a little creative flair along the way!


You can shade in the post-it squares or use actual sticky notes to decorate this template. It is oriented vertically so you can use it in a variety of ways.  Pair it with another vertically oriented template to create a lovely 2-page spread in your Bible Quilt journal. Post-it Notes for the Win!


Other templates that can be oriented vertically: Headlines banner, Argyle, Post-it with Push Pins, Post-it Six Square, Frame, Puzzle, Block with Circle


Tip: This template fits inside a standard locker door, so you can use it to infuse scripture into your child's school environment. Laminate a copy of the finished page or simply slip it into a page protector for durability. Have fun changing these throughout the school year to focus on verses for each season!


Download the template file and print out on a sheet of card stock. Cut to fit a 7 x 10 Bible Quilt journal page. Use a glue stick to attach it to the page and reinforce edges with washi tape if desired. 


Visit the website and/or Facebook group for samples of how the Bible Quilting community is using this fun template!


Bible Quilt® templates are original designs and copyrighted material. These printables are intended for one-time personal use. Please contact shop owner to coordinate orders for groups.


Post-it, Remember (vertical orientation)

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