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Thankful Hearts

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Tis the season of gratitude and giving thanks for all the blessings we have.

I'm grateful for getting to see some friends IN PERSON after a long pandemic withdrawal. It's fun to nurture friendships from high school and enter that surreal era of having our own kids in high school...and college.

I'm thankful that we can bounce back to those high school memories yet also share our hearts re: current family events and struggles.

We've also reconnected through Bible Quilting, even collaborating long-distance to make some templates.

We've been playing around with some harvest pages, trying to capture the essence of a bountiful cornucopia basket.

In a season of busy, it's enjoyable to slow down and just color while you reflect. These templates have a lot of elements to color!

Then add in a few verses and stickers to finish it off.

We decided not to stress too much over the details and getting everything into appropriate proportions/perspective... so here's a combo set you all can play around with too!


Fall is saturated with color and texture. It's a season to appreciate the nuances and changes in nature... and maybe in relationships, too.

What connections (or reconnections) are you making these days? Making plans for Thanksgiving?

After all the Covid disruptions last year, being able to gather feels a bit decadent this year, doesn't it?

Maybe the holidays are heavy with remembrance for you?

I'm learning to embrace this sentiment as it occurs. Sometimes I'll call a sibling and talk through it. Other times I'll look through photos and have some quiet time of reflection.

Recently I was really missing my Mom because of a special family event that we had without her presence being part of it. I knew in my heart that she wouldn't want me to wallow in sorrow during this milestone event, so I decided to make a colorful page in my Monthly Bible Quilt Journal to acknowledge these memories of her, swirling around like all the fall leaves.

Mercy, peace & love page on Leaf border template
Mercy, Peace & Love... on Leaf Border template

I had some loose photos available and I intentionally made the page lighthearted with a touch of whimsy with some colorful fall stickers. Our hearts are thankful for the many years we had with my Mom and she would want us to continue forward with...

"mercy, peace and love ... in abundance." Jude 1:2

Savor the seasonal changes. Take time to follow your heart and harvest your memories, friend. Maybe you'll even get to color along the way!


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Stephanie Farquhar
Stephanie Farquhar

Thank you for all the incentives and boost to help us on our journey dwelling with

the Lord and great ideas for making memories along with the BQ pages!


I'm so happy to have you aboard with me on this journey! 😘


I love this post Dianna! The thanksgiving templates are beautiful and I love how you made a page to remember your Mother. Thanks for all of your creative ideas that help us to remember God's faithfulness.


Thanks, Jan. It's always comforting to be in the Word. 💛

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