Waiting and watching

In these days of waiting to see what candidate will win our national election, I'm enjoying some beautiful days out walking my dog. Sometimes the wind surges, rustling the leaves and swirling the colors around us.

These nature breaks ground me, offering a respite from perpetual news updates and political forecasts.

It seems like every autumn I'm struck by the huge variety of colors, shapes, and textures of the leaves. God is such a wonderful creator and it's magical to have these little pieces of art falling softly and nestling into our yards.

I'm grateful to see how these colors contrast and blend together in such a warm, inviting ways.

I'm thankful that the Lord has created so many contrasting colors and types of people, too, and pray that we can also blend together in thriving, productive ways.

Beauty is reflected in our differences.

We're more vibrant when our differences come together.