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Repurposing Notes in your Bible Quilt Journal

During the winter months the decluttering bug often strikes and I find myself in the depths of closets, drawers, or stacks of books that have mysteriously grown throughout the year.

Recently I was reviewing a collection of journals and determining what to keep. I realized I had several journals that still had a lot of blank pages remaining, yet realistically admitted I'll likely never complete them. I decided to read through the journals and decide if there were any sermon notes that would be applicable to my current season of life.

Notes from 2027
Notes from 2017

Photo of Di and mother under "bloom" banner

I discovered some notes from 2017 from a women's workshop entitled, "Bloom Where You're Planted."

These notes stirred up several memories for me because it was a workshop I attended with my Mom and was a sweet time connecting with her and her friends. There was a cute little photo booth set up with a festive "Bloom" banner and I cherish this picture I have with Mom.

As I reminisced about the fellowship we shared that day, I reflected on the message that was given and decided to summarize it into my current Monthly Bible Quilt Journal.

I pulled the pages out of the old journal and realized that the loose sheets would fit onto the monthly journal page, so I decided to add the originals rather than rewrite the notes.

Bloom where you're Planted page in my Monthly Bible Quilt Journal
Bloom Where You're Planted

I glued the page and ticket stub to the page, then wrote in the remaining notes from the backside of the page I was gluing down. A few flower stickers and some stitch lines helped unify the overall look.

Bloom Where You're Planted notes in Bible Quilt Journal

During this cold, wintry season it was nice to focus on the growth of spring and the hope of future blossoming in my relationships with others. It was helpful to review the elements of the message and be reminded to keep doing God's work, trusting Him for the eventual harvest.

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9

What are YOU creating on your blank pages this month?


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