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How to Make Quilted Pages with Paper Scraps

Got scraps??

I've got a few tips to use your pretty paper scraps on your #biblequiltjournal pages!

I pulled out my stash of pink paper scraps I keep in a pocket sleeve and started laying them on my BQJ page to make some quilt blocks.

I began gluing the papers down, trying to balance out solids and patterns.

I applied glue generously to the scraps, extending them off the page then trimming with scissors.

For the last blank area, I stamped "Love" on white card stock and brushed the edges lightly with a pink ink pad.

I glued the "LOVE" quilt block into place then began adding some wash tape to balance out some of the colors.

Quilted background with paper scraps
Quilted background with paper scraps

As I mentioned in this #zoomchat replay, I can glue a white BQ template down and have a lovely quilted border framing it. Or I can write in some individual scriptures.

How I Finished my Scrappy Page - - -

I added a card, writing a verse inside it.

With a few more verses, some bold washi tape and stickers, that's a wrap for this quilted page!

Paper scrap quilted page with #scripturewriting

This is a fun project to do with a friend or group because you can brainstorm patterns throughout the process.

Here's another paper scrap quilt that Mary Jo has in progress

Hopefully this spurred on some ideas for YOU!

Please share your pages in the Comments below or over in the BQJ Facebook group.


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