Daily freedoms

Updated: Jul 16

July fireworks

We're blessed to enjoy many freedoms in this country, aren't we?

With all the freedoms we enjoy also come responsibilities to engage in opportunities in such a way that is supportive to others.

"Share each other's burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2

As we attempt to steward all that God has provided us, it may be helpful to consider how we cultivate and balance our own resources. It often seems like a perpetual juggling act, doesn't it?

Recently I did a BQ page I dubbed "Freedom from Earthly Things," tying in our freedom theme for this month and incorporating some scriptures/embellishments from July's Sojo study.

Freedom from Earthly Things #biblequiltjournal page

Our Freedom includes daily choices re: where we go, who we see, what we focus on, and how we live. Although we all are in different circumstances, we all have the same amount of time. It's important to sift through our activities occasionally and see how we're aligning with God's plans for our lives, too.

What are our daily opportunities to steward our freedoms well?