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Creating Colorful Backgrounds in your Bible Quilt Journal

The Dove template lends itself to many options for decorating it in a personal way.

I'll walk you through the process of adding scrapbook paper to it as a colorful background for whatever topic you may choose.

Dove template in the 2023 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

Make a copy of the template and number the quilt spaces.

Numbering the quilt blocks on the Dove template

The numbers will help identify the accurate placement of each quilt block once you've got them cut out and they're floating around loose on your desk.

Cutting a paper stencil to use on a template

cutting a paper stencil to use on the Dove template

Cut the numbered template copy to create a set of stencil patterns for the 8 quilt blocks.

Tip: Cut inside the stitch line marks so that the lines will still be visible once you've got the decorative card stock glued onto the page.

Select solid or patterned card stock for your background, then use the paper stencils to cut out the colorful quilt blocks.

I chose some solid colors and opted to repeat the colors so the page has a balanced look.

Adding colorful scrapbook papers to Dove template

I decided to color the center space around the dove, leaving it white. You could do the same process of cutting out a dove stencil if you want to add background paper to the center block.

Next glue the colorful quilt blocks onto the page.

Gluing colorful quilt blocks onto Dove template

Then you have the option of handwriting verses onto the quilt blocks or printing out a set of verses that Mary Jo helped format for our topic of the Holy Spirit this month.

You can print these verses out on paper, card stock or onto full page label sheets to make them into stickers. Check out this post for tips on printing your own sticker sheets.

Select the verses you'd like to use and cut them out. Play around with the spacing to get them aligned the way you like.

Placing sticker verses onto BQJ template page

Part of the reason I chose solid colors for the background was so that the verses would be more readable once placed on the page, especially since I printed the verses on clear sticker paper.

If you'd like to use more decorative or patterned background paper, then you may want to print the verses on white sticker paper.

Adding sticker verses to Dove template

As a final touch, I added some floral stickers as embellishment.

Names of the Spirit on the Dove template

I love how easily these types of pages come together, layering the verse stickers onto colorful scrapbook papers!

If you don't have scrapbook paper available, you could color the background and still use the verse stickers. Here's a colorful page that Mary Jo did as an example:

Names of the Holy Spirit on Dove template (Mary Jo)
Names of the Holy Spirit page by Mary Jo

Can't wait to see some of YOUR pages! Join us on the BQ Chat tomorrow to share some pages and ideas together!

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