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Acorns of wisdom

Despite a few muggy mornings and some afternoon scorchers, we're beginning to see some small hints of fall on our neighborhood walks.

I did a double take yesterday when I realized I was crunching acorns underfoot and Katie was rustling through leaves gathering in the elbow of the curb.

These little signs of fall offer up sweet anticipation - - - like a "save the date" message that the real thing is coming along soon.


Fall Blessings ~~

During a Bible Quilting session this week, a friend started a page using the Leaf template. She paused a moment to consider her topic, then got busy looking up verses on Wisdom. As the group chatted and we each worked on different themes, her page filled up with scripture.

It wasn't until we were wrapping up that I saw a cute embellishment she had done with a simple stamp.

We all paused a moment to look at how she had used the acorn stamp to tuck in her topic word, wisdom. We joked about it being an "acorn of wisdom" and hugged out our goodbyes.


I think that little acorn germinated overnight because I found myself this morning turning to my unfinished #biblequiltjournal page on wisdom.

A rush of memories flooded in as I remembered the difficult season in which I started this page last summer. Mom had just been hospitalized for the first time and we were all praying for wisdom as a multitude of tests and procedures were under way to try to determine what was going on with her.

We didn't know what was ahead for us, but we were digging into the Word to calm our fears and to seek out verses on which to build a foundation of wisdom & strength for this unexpected journey Mom was starting. We had a lot of time on our hands in a sterile environment, so I brought in a stash of colorful Bible Quilt supplies into her hospital room.

Mom created some beautiful pages, but never got them placed into her Bible Quilt journal.

She gave them away...

Like acorns dropping generously and scattering widely all over, Mom shared her faith and connected sweetly with each person who walked into her hospital room. She prayed with young aides that were drawn to her sweet smile and genuine interest in them.

Mom nurtured and ministered from her heart as she perched on awkward hospital beds and uncomfortable gurneys. She offered words of wisdom and a mature perspective, wearing drafty hospital gowns and clunky medical accessories. She shined her light despite the dark circumstances she was in.

So... this morning I added more verses of wisdom on my Bible Quilt page as I trudged through the bittersweet memories of Mom demonstrating so many of these concepts.

I'm humbled with this reminder to hide God's Word into my heart like Mom did, so I have His wisdom as a foundation for whatever challenges I may face.

I'm grateful for those glimpses of Mom sharing the love of Christ and scattering her little acorns of wisdom to all those in her path.


"Be very careful, then, how you live - - - not as unwise, but as WISE and making the most of every opportunity." Ephesians 5:15-16


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