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This is a set of tabs for a variety of prayer topics you may be making pages for in your Bible Quilt Journal. 


Topics include: family, friends, home, country, church, community, world, missions, leaders, children, husband, neighbors


Print on durable card stock, then trim with scissors. These can be either square or circle tabs... or a combination of both. Attach the tabs to your journal by gluing the bottom half to the edge of your journal page, leaving the top half peeking over the edge. You can add a strip of washi tape across the tab to reinforce it on the page. Stagger the tabs to allow for visibility. 


One option is to glue two tabs back to back on the upper part of tabs, then sandwich the lower white part of the tabs over the journal page. This will make both a little bit sturdier.


Printables in this shop are intended for one-time personal use. Please maintain the integrity of this copyrighted #biblequiltjournal material. You're welcome to contact the shop owner to coordinate orders for groups.

Prayer tabs for Home & Family

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