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If you'd like to insert additional pages into your Original BQJ but don't have a "fancy" hole punch, this is a pattern to make your own hole-punch guide.


Print out the pdf on sturdy card stock. I used a piece of colored card stock so there's visual contrast between it and white template pages I'll be using it with.


Cut out the hole punch pattern as outlined on the page.


Option: Laminate the guide or cover it in clear packing tape to reinforce the paper guide.


Use a single hand held hole-punch to cut round holes as marked along the guide. Then use scissors to cut a slit from the hole to the edge of the page. (This basically is mirroring the effect that a Happy Planner hole punch does.)


Once you've made your guide, you can place it on top of any single page you'd like to insert into your Original BQ journal and begin the hole-punching process. Trim the template insert to the size you'd like and align it to your journal so you know where you want to start the holes.


You can add a strip of washi tape along the edge of the template page you're inserting to reinforce it. I'd recommend doing this step before hole-punching so you don't have to punch it twice.


Use paperclips or small binder clips to help hold the guide and paper together, then hole punch along the guide to make 19 holes in the template insert. Next use scissors to cut slits from the hole to the edge of the page.


Now you're ready to add the page into the Original BQ Journal! Simply press the hole-punched edges into the section of your journal where you'd like it.


The remainder of the pdf has some circles that you can cut out to use as stencils for making circle tabs or tracing circles on your BQ pages for highlighted verses or titles. The scallop border can be used to make wavy stitch lines on your pages.


Hole Punch Guide for the Original BQ Journal

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