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Sometimes it feels like we're juggling a lot of balls in the air...or perhaps overwhelmed by all the sports gear in the car? This "Having a Ball" template was designed by my sis-in-law who has a busy household of boys and spends a lot of time in the car praying as she goes from one sports activity to another.


This is a fun template to do with your kiddos, whatever sport they are in. It can be personalized for a specific athlete or favorite team. Perhaps you want to focus on sporstmanship or other character traits being built through a physical endeavor. This template would be great to use to pray over all the aspects of sports: safe travel to and from events, health of all team members, patience/endurance for the coaches, and the community of parents/grandparents supporting them.


Hope YOU have a ball creating with this template!


Download blank template file and print out on a sheet of card stock. Cut to fit a 7 x 10 Bible Quilt® journal page. Use a glue stick or other adhesive to attach it to the page and reinforce edges with washi tape if desired.  


Other ideas: You could make a color copy of the completed page and put in a page protector (or even laminate it) as a visual reminder to pray over your team/athlete during his/her season. If you're doing one for the whole team, you could share color copies with teammates. It would make a sweet "thank you" gift for coaches. 


Photos in listings show examples of ways to decorate templates, but I encourage you to harvest your own verses and personalize these templates in your own style. (Sorry I don't have a sample of this one yet! Send me a photo of yours and I'll add it as part of our visual collection here.)


Bible Quilt® templates are original designs and copyrighted material. These printables are intended for one-time personal use. Please contact shop owner to coordinate orders for groups.


Having a Ball

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