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A Fruit of the Spirit tab set is included in the back of the 2020 Bible Quilt Journal. You can use those or "borrow" this set of colored Fruit of the Spirit tabs as a quick start to get your Fruit of the Spirit section started in your Bible Quilt journal. My son illustrated these for his own Bible Quilt Journal and I loved the bold colors and patterns he used, so  we decided to share these with you!


Download, print, and cut. Use card stock to provide you with durability over time. Consider printing on a colored sheet of card stock to give you an instant pop of color. 


You have the option of doing one set or two. The advantage to printing out twice is that you can glue the tabs back-to-back for an even sturdier tab and have the tab visible from both sides.


If you have access to a laminator, then run the 2-sided tabs through it and have a REALLY durable tab!


Attach the tabs to your journal by gluing the bottom half to the edge of your journal page, leaving the top half peeking over the edge. You can add a strip of washi tape across the tab to reinforce it on the page. Stagger the tabs to allow for visibility. 



Fruit of the Spirit tabs (in color)

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