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Looking for a clever and succint way to collect details regarding the books of the Bible? This flip card set provides you with a simple format to take notes about each book's theme, author, and main characters. Additional info can be added to the back of the card (e.g. locations mentioned, targeted audience, a key verse, etc.)


The cards are numbered according to the position in which they appear in the Bible. This can be a great learning tool for those memorizing the order of the books. It also allows you to work with the cards loose, then get them back in order quickly to slip back onto a binder ring.


If you're doing a summary BQ page for a book of the Bible, this flip card set gives you a place to curate info to help guide your BQ page. You can use markers, washi tape, and stickers to personalize the set. As you can see in the listing photos, I printed mine out on different colors to differentiate the categories of the books. (I did have to print a couple pages twice to get the correct color sequence.)


Download the file. Print and cut along the solid lines, leaving a narrow border around the dotted perimeter of each card. Then simply hole punch the corners and slide the cards onto a binder ring.


Bible Quilt® flip card sets are original designs and copyrighted material. These printables are intended for one-time personal use. Please maintain the integrity of this original material. You're welcome to contact the shop owner to coordinate orders for groups.

Books of the Bible flip card set

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