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This block template was designed for the Bible Quilt journal as a basic template to help you get started. It is flexible for a variety of themes or topics. Since it is also printed in the #biblequiltjournal, you could add this printable to the facing page in your journal to do a 2-page spread.


If you want to squeeze in a few more verses, then check out the Block-20 template that has 20 spaces versus this one that has 12.


Download block template file and print out on a sheet of card stock. Cut to fit a 7 x 10 Bible Quilt journal page. Use a glue stick to attach it to the page and reinforce edges with washi tape if desired. 


Visit the website and/or Facebook group for samples of how the Bible Quilting community is using this popular template!


Bible Quilt® templates are original designs and copyrighted material. These printables are intended for one-time personal use. Please contact shop owner to coordinate orders for groups.

Block template

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