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Sermon Notes for your Bible Quilt®

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Are you a note taker in church? Do you use the church bulletin, add notes in your Bible, or use some type of journal?

I've done a little of all of this over the years and last year I started Bible Quilting in church. This may be a little too involved for some, but I find that it actually helps me to listen and discern what's most applicable to me. I know I remember better when I write as I go!

As I've gotten into the practice of creating #biblequiltjournal pages during services, the more I'm convinced the message stays with me longer. Plus I have all my notes in one place AND I tend to review my notes more when I add some embellishments to my pages during the week.

Soooooo, I'm experimenting with some Sermon Notes templates to make the process a little smoother for me and to share some options with you.

Last week I brought a loose template tucked onto a clipboard with me to church and took notes as usual but within a BQ format already laid out. All I had to do was start filling it in rather than think about spacing and "stitching" it together.

This week I prepped my BQ page in advance, using some of my morning Quiet Time to prepare my heart for the message we were about to hear. By adding this one little step, I was amazed how much more I felt prepared to lean in to the lesson.


My process of Bible Quilting during Church

During announcements I fill in the title and main points listed in the bulletin.

While the introductory comments are being made, I write out the verses from the selected Scripture passage that impact me. Then I'm ready to jot down notes from the pastor's message.

I typically write the pastor's comments in cursive because I can do this faster and it helps separate commentary from the Biblical text. (or I use a different color pen)

Sometimes I'll highlight/underline or add my own personal note for emphasis. I also like to add a couple of the song titles because that pulls in another sensory memory.

Later that afternoon or early in the week, I review my page and add a few embellishments to tie it together. This overview finalizes the process and enhances my memory of the message. As I attach the template into my Bible Quilt Journal, I naturally reflect on the previous week's page and the sermon thread is again reinforced.

As I mentioned, this process has been developing over time and I'm tweaking it as I go. I hope the description of my flow helps you determine you're own BQ note-taking process!

You can experiment with whichever template suits your style best or download the Sermon Notes Trio to practice with all of them.

****This SERMON NOTES TRIO is now available as a free download as part of my KINDNESS campaign during the Covid-19 crisis. Enter code KINDNESS. Stay home and stay well, friends!


If you've already got a sermon note-taking method, then you may consider using these pages to summarize a Bible Study or a special women's conference you attend.

Please share what works best for you re: note-taking in the comments section below:

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4 comentários

16 de jan. de 2020

Jean, I think we all go through different seasons. 😉 Using the BQ journal has helped me be a more "active" listener in a lot of ways.

Veronika - I'm so glad that you and your Mom are finding your own unique ways to use the BQ journal. It makes it a very meaningful resource for each of you! Would you mind sharing your comments in the FB group also as an encouragement to others? Appreciate you! 😊


Veronika Vormann
Veronika Vormann
16 de jan. de 2020

The BQ journal is a multi-purpose thing, I am so grateful to have it. Writing is a good method to memorize verses, comments and sermons. My mother uses the BQ journal without the templates for her bible study group. For me the templates are very important to create a page.

It is very helpful to have a framework on the page.

Once the page is finished with all the embellishments, I look over and over it again because it is so beautiful and interesting. Without the embellishments I would not look so often at it again.

The washi tapes are my eye-catcher.

Besides working on a BQ page promotes my physical, mental and spiritual health. When I finished the page…


I agree the more I wrote the more I remember and if I didn't understand something I could put a question some or write out the question on the top to as my husband about later.


where were you when I actually sat in Church and listened to a sermon. these would have been Ideal. I do listen to a sermon plus I have some podcasts.

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