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Bible Reading in 2024

Updated: Jan 10

Have you selected your Bible reading plan for 2024?

Got your accountability partner/group lined up?

Reading through the New Testament and Psalms is my goal for 2024.

I've decided to slow down my pace from reading through the whole Bible in a year to allow for more flex time to Bible quilt individual books of the Bible. I'm following along with a you version plan that our women's group is doing, which will take us through the New Testament and Psalms.

It will be interesting to dive right back into the New Testament after reading through it these last couple months with the Bible Recap program.I'm hoping this slower pace covering less material will deepen my understanding even further.

You can simply check off your daily reading from whatever digital/printed plan you're using.

I like to visualize my plan, so I typically write in each day's reading passages on my monthly BQ calendar page. Recently, I found this set of acrylic stamps of the Books of the Bible that I'm using to add my Bible reading and devotional goals into my journal.

As I complete the reading of each book, I'll color it in on my Bible reading tracker in my Monthly BQJ. This simple act is curiously satisfying! Here's the one I just finished:

For those of you doing a Bible reading challenge with family or friends, you can get the Bible reading tracker as a printable to share with your posse!

I'm curious what YOUR game plan is for 2024. Please share in the comments below or over in the FB group.

Additional resources for more ideas and tips:

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