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Video Introduction to Bible Quilt journaling

This video includes snippets from a live workshop + shows the process of completing the Heart template.

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Enjoy watching wherever you're comfy!

About the Event

This is a 24-minute video which introduces the Bible Quilt journal and shares ways to incorporate it into your devotional time. Hear the story of how the #biblequiltjournal began in my personal Quiet Time and how the Lord has gradually unfolded it  into a ministry to encourage women to get revitalized in the Word. 

Upon purchasing a "ticket" for the video, you'll receive a youtube link via email, which will give you immediate access to this first Bible Quilting video. It's part story with a glimpse of my interactions with workshop attendees and part a tutorial to show how you can use a template design to add Scripture onto a Bible Quilt journal page. It is intended as an invitation to learn about the Bible Quilt journaling technique for your personal use. I hope it conveys my heart for God's Word and draws you into Scripture in a creative way!

Note: This video is part of the Explore the Word Collection. If you've already purchase that on-demand series, then you have access to this same video as well as resources from other speakers who collaborated on that project. I've added this as an option to those who have not purchased that Collection.

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