Jun 30

Feeling low? disconnected?


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Sometimes when we’re in a particularly tough season that we didn’t expect to be in, the weight feels really heavy. Our spirits can sag and our bodies slump. Coffee doesn’t “snap” us out of it. The restorative sleep that we crave seems to elude us. Crawling out of this heaviness takes time & can seem endless. What helps me is digging into the Word for Truths that hold firm, then praying into these for the challenge I’m facing. Reaching out to a friend helps, too.❤️


Overcome page in my Bible Quilt journal


WITH God, we ARE overcomers. It may look different on the other side than we expected, but He IS with us through each hurdle.


You CAN do it; He WILL help you

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  • Sometimes our regular routines are too packed and it's hard to make it to a local Bible study. Have you every tried an online conference to see what other women across the country are doing in their quiet time? I recently had the honor to participate as a collaborator in an online Bible Study conference hosted by Sojo Academy. In addition to all the growth as I stretched out of my comfort zone to prepare my session, I'm greatly enjoying the opportunity to watch the other speakers' sessions to see how they approach the Word. Many of the creative techniques we see posted on social media arose out of an individual's own pursuit in their quiet time with the Lord. It's amazing to see the Lord work in unique ways in each woman's heart as she taps into her own creative style. If you want to incorporate new techniques or some Bible-reading strategies to your own devotional time, I'd warmly invite you to join this online conference. You'll be able to do it at your own pace...and in your jammies on a cold, wintry day! Register through this link: https://dimills--graceincolor.thrivecart.com/explore-gods-word/
  • We may be separated by state lines, but we can gather in fellowship online by participating in a Bible Quilting series together. Our 2019 Challenge is doing the #abcsofthebible. Every week I offer a prompt for the Letter-of-the-Week and we each get to brainstorm words/phrases that begin with that letter and create a patchwork of beautiful scripture. Jump back over to our Community Chat room and find the ABC Bible Quilt category. You can opt to "Follow" this particular category and receive updates. I encourage you to share YOUR pages there also. For example, click on the "G" is for... post and add your ideas, verse references, or pages in the comments section of that "G" subcategory. Then we'll all have a great resource! #Gisfor__ #goodshepherd #godliness ABC tabs are now available in the shop. Print a set off on card stock, color, and designate a section of your #biblequiltjournal for this series! If you'd like to have a separate ABC Bible Quilt journal, I've got a few prepped in my home shop currently on sale for $20. Contact me if you're interested! #sharewithafriend #tag
  • I've had several people ask me when the next workshop is, and truthfully, I'm still figuring that out. We're in the final stretch of school and just trying to reach the finish line strong. May is an endurance test for sure, isn't it, busy mommas? I'd like to have some local sessions during the summer, yet also would like to encourage some of you to host some gatherings wherever you are! I'm open to brainstorming some possibilities that might work to our mutual benefit. Please leave a comment if you've got some ideas! Local peeps, drop me a comment or send me a message re: how you'd like to engage with other Bible Quilters this summer. I've got some kits you can check out if you want to host a small group on your own. For those who would like to attend a session at my house: Mid-morning during the week? A Saturday? An evening? Check the EVENTS tab in Menu Bar to see what's in the works!