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The Salvation template set is an original design created as part of the "Building on a Firm Foundation" Monthly Bible  Bible Quilt® Journal.


It's also available here as a 2-page printable. It's a great way to focus on your own favorite verses about salvation or to use the curated list of scriptures on Salvation we're doing as a community. That 30-day collection is available as a flip card set.


Download the file and print out on sheets of card stock. This is an 8.5 x 11 size that can be slipped into a page protector and placed into a 3-ring binder system or could be trimmed to fit a larger journal.


Bible Quilt® templates are original designs and copyrighted material. These printables are intended for personal one-time use. Please help maintain the integrity of this original material. You're welcome to contact the shop owner to coordinate orders for groups.

Salvation: 30-day, 2-page spread

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