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Bible Quilting in 2024

Updated: Jan 10

We're embarking on a new year and we've got fresh pages to fill up with scripture and "pretty up" with embellishments!

I typically start each month by decorating my BQ Calendar. If you don't have the calendar and would like to follow along with the templates, you may get this Banner with Flower as a printable template.

It's usually easier for me to start by decorating the calendar part while I let my creative juices simmer about how I'd like to complete the template part.

Planner sticker packs work well for this process because they include seasonal elements. For example, I went for snowflakes all over my January calendar.

I use my BQ Wall Calendar as a visual reminder of birthdays, major events, holidays, and BQ activities since it hangs in my craft space.

2024 Monthly Bible Quilt Journal

For the calendar page in the Monthly BQJ, I write in the dates and use this as a space for my daily Bible reading assignments. You can personalize this as much as you'd like, using a combo of stamps, stickers, and washi tape.

I found this set of acrylic stamps of the Books of the Bible that I'm using to add my Bible reading and devotional goals into my journal.

This year I'm reading through the New Testament & Psalms with some other women in my church (using the youversion app). I'm hoping this slower pace covering less material will deepen my understanding even further.

Featured template in the 2024 Monthly BQJ

Sometimes I'm inspired by the template featured for the month while other times I've been motivated to explore a topic in my Bible reading.Bible reading plan. I'm still percolating ideas re: how I want to complete this Woman of the Bible template.

When I haven't selected my verses yet, I simply get started by coloring some of the elements and add some washi tape.

Small devotionals are a great resource of inspiration for BQ verses.

I'm reading through "God's Promises for Women of Faith" again to select some scriptures to Bible Quilt.

I began adding several that resonated with me before landing on a "topic" to continue my search for scriptures to complete the 2-page spread of daily verses in January.

What's YOUR topic for January? Do you have a gameplan for the year?

Please share in the comments below and/or over in our BQJ Facebook group.

Additional Resources

Devotional for Women* (Amazon affiliate link)


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