Introductions & Welcome!

Oct 25

Please share how you heard about Bible Quilting and how it's impacting you. You can drop a comment or start a new post in category "Let's hear from you..." We all like a good story...often a few det
3 days ago

Hi everyone! I’m happy to be a new member of the Bible quilt communite. My name is Christina and I’m a 36 year old momma from Pittsburgh Pennsylvani. My kids are 16g, 8b, 7b, and 5g. I love the idea o
Oct 11

I have been doing something similar with a plain art journal for my prayer journal but was really intrigued and decided to try an ABC Bible Quilt first. I received it in the mail today!
Sep 6

I just got my big kit to start working on my Bible Quilt! I am so excited to start my journey! I’m sure I will have lots of questions! im from Texas♥️
Jul 4

My Ronnie is one of the folks we had the pleasure of serving on our mission trip to the Florida panhandle last week, where clean up from last October’s hurricane Michael is ongoing. Ronnie is an elder
2 days ago

I’m from outside of Fort Wort, Texas, and I’ve lived here all my life. I’m 64, single (divorced, then widowed; no kids; 3 dogs. Dianna was a presenter at the Explore Conference and that’s where I was
6 days ago

Love learning about Bible Quilting. I have quite a collection of quilts from my grandmother and mother, I have done some quilting, and I love papercrafting!!! Perfect combination for Bible quilting. I
Oct 2

My name is Sue Moore, I live in a small town just a few miles from Dallas Texas. My sister started my journey in Bible Quilting and it has added so much to my Bible study and quite time. You will enjo
Aug 6

Although Bible Quilting is a personal process that we can each do on our own, digging into the Word and reflecting on wonderful themes throughout the Bible, it also is a sweet way to engage with other
May 20

Have a friend in another state who you think would be interested in Bible Quilting? Share this post and invite them to join us! The Bible Quilt Journal story How many other states can we reach by the
2 days ago

Hi there, I live in Künzelsau, a city of about 9000 people, located between Heilbronn and Nürnberg (Southwest of Germany). We have moved here about 3 years ago and I am trying to find ways to connect
Nov 6

I'm amazed how the Lord has transformed something out of my personal devotional time into something that is helping ignite others' passion for the Word of God. Without targeted marketing or planned PR
Sep 22

I stumbled upon this site while watching a live video Joy Howard was doing on her Bible Journaling for Beginners Facebook group and I am so excited to have found this. I am very new to Bible journalin
Jul 31

I gained a new "pen pal" this week and had fun sending a #biblequiltjournal on an adventure to the United Kingdom. Looking forward to hearing about its safe arrival!